Legal services

The key priority in our business transacting is legal protection of our clients and we provide it through cooperation with our lawyers. This includes complete legal service from the start to the conclusion of a sale contract. It includes the revision of documentation, ownership registration in the land register of the court in charge and the process of real property alteration in the land registry.
For our clients Mareta agency provides following:

  • Document revision (proprietary document, site-draft, legal document as evidence of ownership, building permit, usage permit, certificate of achieved construction site, etc)
  • Elaboration of sale contract and of the first draft of contract if it is necessary, permitted property registration clause, power of attorney, different additions to sale contract, etc)
  • Proposition for registration of ownership under the jurisdiction of court in charge
  • Property alternation in the land registry
  • Tax return
  • Property alteration for the power and water counter, all legal requirements and for all communal services