Mareta agency intermediates in the process of buying and selling, lease or real estate exchange between two clients. We conduct all action in order to present a real estate that already exists on the market. In this way we associate buyer and seller, in other words we conduct intermediation.
It is believed that the agency conducts basic intermediation service when it enables the relation between buyer and seller. Basic intermediation includes real estate sightseeing or organization of a meeting between buyer and seller in order to conclude sale contract.

The decision to sell a real estate is extremely difficult and a large number of clients are not familiar with the process involved in buying and selling. Our experience in that field will help you pass through this life stage as simple as possible.
For the real estate owners, therefore sellers, Mareta agency performs following:

  • survey and taking of photographs of the real estate
  • real estate evaluation of the market value of the real estate
  • familiarization of the seller with all legal obligations
  • we handle documents control, in case there are any fails in the documentation we warn the seller and advise him/her on managing the real estate documentation
  • we present the real estate on the web site of the agency and on other portals in Croatia and abroad
  • we aim at finding a client/buyer of the real estate within shortest possible period

Whether it is a real estate as your future home or one that you will use occasionally or for leisure the purchase of a real estate is a decision that is extremely relevant for the future. You, as a buyer, find this process to be extremely complex and we, as mediators, experience the whole process as a great challenge. With our professional experience in mind we will surely accompany you through the whole process. We will assist you with choosing your new real estate within your wishes, needs and possibilities. Once you reach your decision on buying it is crucial for us to be familiar with your financial frame. This information will helps us define the location, size and type of real estate. With the help of these criteria we can recommend real estate that will suite your needs; we can help you in the decision and guide you through the process of buying.
For clients in search of a real estate, in other words buyers, Mareta agency performs following:

  • we offer a wide range of all sorts of real estate on the web site of the agency and on specialized servers
  • we locate the real estate which suit your demands and budget
  • presentation of real estate in our office
  • we introduce you to all legal obligations as real estate buyer
  • we accompany the clients as they examine the real estate
  • in cooperation with our lawyers we ensure legal services and safety
  • we provide geodetic services and architectural services, we also participate in all stages of preparation and the building process itself
  • for buyers of houses we provide services of companies specialized in cleaning and maintenance of real estate and also horticultural services for the garden of specific real estate